Grace Awakening 1

February 19, 2017

With or without God? The contemporary wrestling with the God factor could be a variation on U2’s song, With or Without You, that continues with the line:  I can’t live, with or without you? At some level contemporary culture is trying out life without God, but simultaneously there is a hunger to reconnect with God again.

Long before political change was added to our daily diet of change digestion, we already have been meditating on vast changes that our culture and our churches are going through. These waves of change include our sense on how to find God in our day and age, on how to live spiritually centered in our world that looks so different than the Biblical days.

2017 is the celebration year of 500 year Reformation, Martin Luther hammered his copy of the 95 Theses on the Wittenberg Castle church door. Reading this copy today, the words sounds surprisingly fresh. They resonate with our culture and church that is hungry for renewal, while finding ways to preserve what we find essential.

At Trinity we are joining this longing for renewal, but rather than pitching another Great Awakening, a movement that was apocalyptic, focused on guilt, atonement and the evil status of the world, we decisively seek to reconnect with the hope and profound goodness expressed in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. That founding document of Christianity brought a Grace Awakening, a sense of hope and new beginning in an age overflowing with change.

Our season of Lent and Easter at Trinity will focus on this Grace Awakening, through speakers, prayer meetings, reflections. Thanks to all collaborating with our Grace Awakening experience at Trinity.