PROGRAMS for summer


The final two sessions will take place on July 11 and 18 (closed July 4). The theme will be learning about prayer from Thomas Merton, one of the most universally admired spiritual writers of the 20th century.

Where: Christian Science Room , 950 Chapel St., New Haven
When:  July11 and 18
Time: 12 to 1pm
Led by: Barbara Gallagher Jarry


Meditation is a mindfulness practice which can reduce stress, increase calmness in mind and body, and promote happiness and peace.

This program will offer the following structure: Opening introduction, 20 minute meditation, a reflection and sharing.

Where:  Christian Science Room. 950 Chapel Street- New Haven
When:   July 10, 17, 24, 31
Time:     6 -7pm
Led by:  Barbara Gallagher Jarry and Candy Carl Stannard


Stressed out, overwhelmed, distracted and looking for more peace in your life?
If so, you may benefit from mindfulness meditation.
Mindfulness meditation is a way to quiet the mind and body. When you use meditation, you turn inward, connect with a repetitive focus, such as the breath, a word or prayer. Your body and mind begin to quiet down and a state of physical and mental rest ensue.
Mindfulness meditation is not just an inward process.
When we become more peaceful, that energy and presence can grace those around us in such positive ways.

All are welcomed.