Giving Thanks for Dad

June 19, 2016

This Father’s Day weekend, let us celebrate and give thanks for our fathers, whether biological, adopted or step fathers.  Let us thank God for their love, support, guidance and even discipline.  Let us pray and ask God to change the hearts and minds of those who have been unable to fulfill their fatherly duties for whatever reason so that they may be reconciled with their children and families.  Let us pray for the dads who in the past week have lost sons and daughters as a result of violence and will never have the opportunity to hug their children or tell them they love them.

Loving God, Heavenly Father, we thank you for fathers. We thank you for biological fathers, adopted fathers, and fathers in spirit. We thank you for fathers who love and nurture children who are not their own, who teach us to be upright and courageous in adversity and make us strong enough to go out into the world.

We thank you for fathers who work hard every day to help fulfill the needs of their families, who fix broken things and teach us how to do it ourselves, who embrace us and guide us, who love us even when they don’t understand us. We know they reflect and embody your love for us as our heavenly Father.

Comfort those of us who miss our fathers this day, and strengthen and bless those fathers who work so hard to love, protect, and nurture their families this day and every day.  (1)

Happy Father’s Day.