Giving Sunday

October 25, 2015

Trinity Stewardship 2016: Building Our Future
This Sunday October 25

New England foliage is showing particularly striking colors this autumn. The color shades are truly mesmerizing, pulling us to the countryside for some awestruck sensation with mother nature. In our Connecticut state we can really adore nature’s beauty, even during apple picking, pumpkin picking, or maybe at one of the last fairs here in Connecticut that come with lots of foods, cows, and music bands. Our state has many life-is-good opportunities during the fall season.

At some of these moments we may sense the presence of something deeper, something bounding, a perspective of transcendence that makes us feel part of something larger than ourselves. Amid all the beauty of nature and the alluring buzz of community events we may even think that this is more than what church is offering, that church is maybe something I no longer need.

But then we saw last week the opening of a spirituality center, in New Canaan, also CT. A group of non-denominational Christians just invested 120 million in an architecturally mod & stylish center for meditation and spirituality. Certainly, this center appeals to the individual who is searching, who is wandering, who is longing for something deeper in life. But the opening of this center confirms also one of the reasons why churches are around.

The reason we need church is the same reason why we need a community of learning when we have aspirations of knowledge or training. We go to school or other academic environments. More challenging is the reason why we need a community when it comes to values and ethics: we all need an environment of close relationships where those values, boundaries, and rules are practiced and instilled, with diligence, nuance, and consistency. And so it goes for the spiritual: we grow more comfortable in connecting with the metaphysical dimension of life, in connecting with the divine, through the presence of a community, a center, a church, where we find support and guidance while searching for deeper meaning.

And now, in 2015, the number of churches that help others find a community of teaching, ethics, and prayer is shrinking. This is why new spirituality centers are popping up. At Trinity on the Green, however, we aspire to be such a community, where people from many diverse backgrounds still find that sense of communion, to be a place where we find that connection with a deeper sense of life or with a lifestyle that generates to courage to serve others, to be a haven where we help each other see God’s dream for each of us.

It is only with your pledge and continued support that we can sustain this rich Christian tradition at Trinity. With all the ministries and events we organize every week we feel comfortable to ask for your support, because all of us at Trinity do indeed seek to support everyone who comes through our doors in their personal growth, in their search for God, in their desire for meaning and guidance. Thank you for your pledge this year again, because you help Trinity remain a place where we can sense and live God’s dream, sometimes even as colorful as the fall foliage is in Connecticut.

Let us pray.
Gracious and loving God, giver of all that is good and true and beautiful and life-giving. Our (pledge) cards represent our sweat, they represent our lives, they represent our dreams. The pledges which we make on them are but tokens of the awesome gifts that have been given to us and they are pledged in thanksgiving for all we have received, for all we have been inspired to be, for all we are challenged to become, in this place.
May they be the first fruits of all we have and not what we have left over, so that we may live out as closely as possible how you give to us. May we see them as our offering to you, sacred, holy, yet earthy, filled with possibilities. May we hold this image in our hearts and minds so as we watch our offerings each week come to your table, we can see our very selves being part of this offering, it is us on the table, living sacrifices to you. Amen.

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