Giving Sunday: Honoring Your Pledge

October 21, 2016

This Sunday we will prayerfully honor every contribution to the ministry of Trinity. Giving Sunday is a time to express thanksgiving to God for the gifts we are able to share. It is also a time of discernment when we are still deciding on our contribution for our 2017 stewardship campaign.

Your support not only secures the preaching of the Gospel and the outreach of faith and care in our community. Your giving also celebrates the power of faith today, in a world where signs of faith are like nighttime candle lights, giving hope to those who lost their faith in the world, in humanity, or in God. Thank you so much for helping us all together carry on the torch of faith and hope when reaching out to our community.

We are all very grateful to this year’s Stewardship Committee, for their hard work and inspiring messages. Thanks to all of you for giving to Trinity through time, talent, and treasure.

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