Forgotten Insights from the Gospels; Summer Preaching Series 2016

June 26, 2016

What “evangelical” means has a clear definition in our American culture. But do these “evangelical” values actually match the values of the Gospels?

For centuries the Gospels were practiced through a summary of “evangelical” living that was very different than the current popular view of what “evangelical” means. Each Gospel presents a particular tool-set on how to be Christian. And the Gospels promote three particular insights in how to live as Christian: in poverty, chastity, and obedience. However, those specific tool-sets and three “evangelical” insights have been forgotten or have been buried under monastic traditions that at times have obscured their meaning.

During this 2016 summer we will dive into these forgotten insights of the Gospels and take a closer and modern look at how they define Christianity. This is not a summer course in exegesis. Rather, we will explore how the (forgotten) roots of our culture can bring balance and sanity in our challenging times.

June 26: Forgotten Insights of the Gospels – The Rev. Luk De Volder (download sermon)
July 3: American Evangelicals versus the Good News – The Rev. Luk De Volder
July 10: Poverty – The Rev. Rowena Kemp
July 24: Chastity – The Rev. Rowena Kemp
July 31: The Gospel of Mark – The Rev. Luk De Volder
August 7: The Gospel of Matthew – The Rev. Luk De Volder
August: 14: The Gospel of Luke – The Rev. Luk De Volder
August 21: Obedience – The Rev. Rowena Kemp
August 28: The Gospel of John – The Rev. Luk De Volder