Bach, Beatles, and Beyond Concert

Bach, Beatles and Beyond”, a concert designed to appeal to all ages as well as diverse musical interests, will feature oboists Olav van Hezewijk and Marta Boratgis and organist Walden Moore along with the Trinity Boys Choir, the Trinity Girls Choir and other musicians of Trinity Church on the Green.  The concert is focused as exposing high level music performance to children.

Clean the Green Day

It’s Our Green—Let’s Help to Keep it Clean!

Join us as we greet spring, honor the unique, historic space on which our Church sits, make a contribution to the health of the Green, and enjoy the company of others in the sunshine.


March 26, 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

Please feel free to bring a rake, if you wish. Gloves and litter bags will be provided.  We have fun and we make a difference!

If you have questions, please write Charlotte Rea,