Event Request forms

Event Request forms

Trinity is a active busy church, but it also hosts special events—community meetings, art exhibits, lectures, musical performances, educational offerings. Scheduling such events depends on time, appropriate theme, space, and cost factors.

To inquire about Trinity as an event venue, contact the parish office. Or call (203) 624-3101. Because of Trinity’s active and full schedule, you’ll want to inquire well in advance of your event.

The following two forms are intended for use by Trinity Church members or authorized event planners to schedule and publicize internal parish or public meetings or events; each request will be vetted by the appropriate parish staff.

1. Book your public event or internal meeting space months ahead

Whether you are planning an open “public event” or an internal “parish meeting”, each  requires a lot of information to make it a success.  Do this several months ahead, as we are a very busy parish! Please fill out on the Meeting Space/Event Request Form.

2. Publicize a public event weeks before

Each open to the public event requires a lot of information broadcast to the public to make it a success.  Give us the information we need for our many communication channels by filling out the Publicity Request Form.