COVID-19 & Caring for Others

Faith Communities & Food Access- How you can help!

The best way that we can help those who are food insecure during this COVID-19 crisis is to direct our resources to supporting those food pantries and soup kitchens who are sustaining, and even expanding their services. Trinity has been in close contact with the Coordinated Food Assistance Network (CFAN) to learn how we can help. See the flyer below for a Wish List of items, and more information about volunteering your time and support. Download the PDF here. Special thanks to our friends at Loaves and Fishes, the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK), and all those other agencies who provide greatly needed services at this time!


Invitation to a Week of Service

What does it look like to help others, during this coronavirus crisis? For some people, it means continuing in the work that you do – the work of healing, the work of feeding others. For others, helping out means staying home (we mean it!), keeping yourself healthy and your loved ones safe. Whether you are at home or out in the world, we would like to invite you into a new way of thinking about service that involves five actions: reach, teach, thank, make, and feed.

You can think of these actions as a way to structure a week of service, or as separate suggestions for how you can get involved (since we all have different skills and resources to give). We are thankful to the Church of Heavenly Rest (NYC), for the inspiration and idea.

Monday: Reach

Reach out to someone who may be feeling isolated. Opt in to our Trinity Reach Network to be paired up with a different parishioner each week through the month of April. You can specify your preferred method of communication – the important thing is not how we connect, but the commitment to staying connected. Remember that reaching out to others means being open to their care & support as well. Be willing to give and receive – and maybe you will meet someone new in the process! Opt in HERE, or emailing with your name, phone number, email, and preferred method of communication.

Tuesday: Teach

Teach others about how you’re getting by at this time. Being alone, cooped up with family in close spaces, afraid, or anxious are just some of the ways COVID-19 is creeping into our mental and spiritual spaces. Share one thing you’re doing to stay mentally strong and spiritually resilient these days by posting on Facebook and tag @trinitynewhaven; or email so that we can share what you are doing, and be a resource to each other.

Wednesday: Thank

Thank our health care and social service providers. You can take part by creating a thank you that can be shared digitally, (writing a thank you card and sending a photo, making a video or audio recording, or sending words of gratitude in an email). You can do this directly, by writing a note to a friend or family member who is working in health care or other necessary services. Not sure who to thank? Consider writing a note to staff at the Whitney Center, a senior living center with close ties to Trinity. Email your thank you note to, so we can send these in a batch.

Thursday: Make

Sew-ers, your skills are needed to make simple face masks to be used in multiple places as a second line of defense against the COVID-19 pandemic! Contact Mary Ann Stroup at if you can help. You can also find guidance on how to make masks via Make Haven, or donate directly to Yale New Haven Hospital following their specific guidelines.

Friday: Feed

Feed those who are hungry. We have suspended our weekly Chapel on the Green program, in part to direct our resources to coordinated food access throughout the city of New Haven. Centralizing these resources can minimize person-to-person contact and save lives. Have a car? Volunteer to deliver groceries directly to people in need through FISH, the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK), or Loaves & Fishes. Or consider, making a financial donation to any one of these organizations, that are not only continuing but expanding their services to meet a growing need.

Reach, Teach, Thank, Make, Feed… and repeat. These actions can be repeated throughout this period of public health vigilance and isolation. Each week will suggest a new organization to “thank,” and we will continue updating service opportunities on this page [link] of our website. If you have specific need, contact and we will do our best to support you, with care and discretion.

We have made the difficult decision to close Chapel on the Green throughout the month of April. We will redirect our staff and volunteer efforts to help feed and support those who are in shelter or quarantine, and to support the pantries and soup kitchens that remain open. We believe that this shift towards coordinated food access is best for the health and safety of the people we serve, especially as the need for such resources will likely increase over the coming weeks and months.

For updates & changes related to our Chapel on the Green Program, visit