Commemoration Celebration!

February 20, 2016

Our building is two hundred years old and we are celebrating this bicentennial tomorrow. Our church building is certainly a marvel of an edifice. Ithiel Town did a superb job.

But our commemoration will celebrate even more the living stones of our community. While we rededicate our building, our altar, our pulpit, or our organ, we certainly are very grateful for their physical presence. Trinity members who preceded us have done a splendid job in selecting quality and beauty.

But more than the material presence, we will lift up in thanksgiving all the people, the clergy and musicians, the wardens and vestry members, all the members of our church, who worshipped at Trinity, who found a spiritual home at Trinity, who have continued to build our church into a magnet of faith and source of love, and who made our church into who we are today.

And by rededicating our church we will also express our hope for the future of our building; that our church will continue to gather people in Christ’s name; and that Trinity on the Green may always be a place where people grow closer to God and closer to each other.

May God bless Trinity Episcopal Church on the New Haven Green.

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