Wherever you are in your journey, we invite you to join us. We invite you to be open to the possibility that God loves you and created you for a purpose, and that you might discover that purpose here with us.

The best way to reach any one of us is by calling the parish office or sending us an email. No matter how busy we may be, we’ll do our best to respond quickly.

The Rev. Dr. Luk De Volder
Tel: (203) 624-3101, ext. 22
Email: Rev. Dr. Luk De Volder
Assistant Rector:
The Rev. Rowena J. Kemp
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Rev. Rowena Kemp

Deacon for Urban Ministry:
The Rev. Kyle Pedersen
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Rev. Kyle Pedersen
Priest Associate:
The Rev. Ellen Tillotson
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Rev. Ellen Tillotson
Priest Associate for Elderly Care:
The Rev. Estelle Webb
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Rev. Estelle Webb