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Investment Committee

The Investment Committee oversees the investment portfolio of Trinity’s endowment. Members are traditionally appointed by the Rector.


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Trinity was founded as a parish in 1723.  Its first wooden church was built in 1752–53. The second Gothic stone church, built in 1814–1816—with its carefully maintained and inspiring Gothic revival exterior and interior—is a landmark structure on the New Haven Green at the corner of Temple and Chapel Streets.

Trinity offers compelling preaching, diverse worship styles, and absorbing programs for adults, teens, and younger children.

Trinity’s multiple opportunities for fellowship and outreach are typified by its Chapel on The Green, a weekly Sunday afternoon outdoor service of worship, food and fellowship, open year-round to all and conducted in collaboration with other New Haven area churches.

The church’s strong music program is centered in its choirs: the Choir of Men and Boys, founded 1885 and one of only two such choirs in Connecticut; the Choir of Men and Girls, founded in 2003; and the Trinity Parish Choir, a mixed adult choir that sings a variety of sacred choral pieces.


LIfe at Trinity

As we pray, sing, serve others and learn together, we discover more about who God is in our lives. We realize our lives are intertwined with one another and that God is calling us to do something for the world in which we live.

Currently, hundreds of people pass through Trinity’s doors during an average week. We are usually bustling with activities; whether it is one of our three choirs practicing, committees meeting, or a social event, there is always something going on at Trinity.

We invite you to be part of our life together. At Trinity, there are many opportunities for involving yourself, for serving others and for growing in your spiritual journey.

Trinity people take adult and youth mission trips all over the country and beyond its borders. Locally, Trinity people help many important organizations carry out their missions: preparing meals for Columbus House, building homes for Habitat for Humanity, and finding numerous other opportunities to serve God in the world.

Trinity offers many educational activities and programs for children and adults. Each winter and spring, we offer different spirituality programs. On most Sundays, we offer exciting Sunday School classes for children and engaging forum topics for adults. We have two active and vibrant groups for school-aged youth.

As the largest Episcopal church in New Haven, we are fortunate to have many active programs and opportunities to see God at work in the world.


Being in a church is about building relationships. Trinity’s many organizations help to make our church a truly vibrant community.

Trinity’s lively and active parish community is led by volunteers who engage with each other through numerous committees, ministries and interest groups. Here are key contacts to guide your search for activities of interest to you.

EntityKey ContactEmail Address

Chorister Academy

Current Members and Parents
Walden MooreWalden Moore

Chapel on the Green

Chapel on the GreenSamantha ButlerSamantha Butler

Historic Trinity

Properties CommitteeDuo DickinsonDuo Dickinson
History MinistryPeg ChambersPeg Chambers

Administration & Operations

Communications CommitteeCaren CarpenterCaren Carpenter
Finance CommitteeCharlotte ReaCharlotte Rea
Governance CommitteeJack TebesJack Tebes
Investments CommitteeCarolyn GouldCarolyn Gould
Nominating CommitteeJack TebesJack Tebes
Technology CommitteeNeil OlsenNeil Olsen


AcolytesCris SigovitchCris Sigovitch
Altar GuildJan TredwellJan Tredwell
Lectors / Chalice BearersAdministrative AssistantAdmin. Assistant
Liturgy CommitteeCarol DavidsonCarol Davidson
9 AM Service
11 AM Service
Joe DzedaJoe Dzeda
House ChurchNeil OlsenNeil Olsen

Music and the Arts

Men & Boys
Men & Girls
Trinity Parish Choir
Walden MooreWalden Moore
Music CommitteeBarbara HedburgBarbara Hedburg
Book GroupJenny BriggsJenny Briggs
Trinity PlayersBob Sandine

Neil Olsen
Bob Sandine

Neil Olsen


Abraham's TentLeigh CromeyLeigh Cromey
Bed FundLuk De VolderLuk De Volder
Columbus HouseWarner MarshallWarner Marshall
Community WorksLeigh CromeyLeigh Cromey
Cupcake MinistryGloria HodaGloria Hoda
Deanery / DioceseMurray HarrisonMurray Harrison
DESK (Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen)Chuck KaywoodChuck Kaywood
Front Step Flower Outreach MissionDeborah JohnsonDeborah Johnson
GrantsBob WindomBob Windom
Habitat for HumanityLeigh CromeyLeigh Cromey
International OutreachBoyd GriffinBoyd Griffin
Special Outreach EventsEllen FreilerEllen Freiler
Trinity GreensRich Walser

David Lindsay
Rich Walser

David Lindsay


Christian Formation
Julia JohnsonJulia Johnson
Men’s Bible StudyJoe DzedaJoe Dzeda
Sunday ForumsLuk De VolderLuk De Volder

Planning Your Special Event

BaptismLuk De VolderLuk De Volder
Church Facility RentalsAdministrative AssistantAdmin. Assistant
Columbarium GuildBarbara Fennelly

Judy Kniffin-Shattuck
Barbara Fennelly

Judy Kniffin-Shattuck
ConfirmationLuk De VolderLuk De Volder
FuneralsLuk De VolderLuk De Volder
WeddingsLuk De VolderLuk De Volder


GreetersLisa OmarkLisa Omark
Holiday BazaarMary-Ann StroupMary-Ann Stroup
HospitalityLiz DickinsonLiz Dickinson
Membership CommitteeLisa OmarkLisa Omark
NewcomersCandy Carl-StannardCandy Carl-Stannard
Trinity Women (ECW)Luk De VolderLuk De Volder
Young AdultsRose PawlikowskiRose Pawlikowski


Development Committeetbdtbd
Stewardship CommitteeJack TebesJack Tebes

Care and Support

Circle of CaringChristine JanisChristine Janis
Conference Call MinistryBarbara FennellyBarbara Fennelly
Eucharistic VisitorsBarbara FennellyBarbara Fennelly
Healing MinistryBarbara FennellyBarbara Fennelly
Prayer Shawl MinistryCandy Carl-StannardCandy Carl-Stannard
Visiting MinistryBarbara FennellyBarbara Fennelly
Trinity Home BoardCarol DavidsonCarol Davidson
FL King FundParish AdministratorParish Administrator