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Manage your pledge

Online Pledging

Trinity’s Realm database provides a secure, user-friendly platform for managing payment of your pledge. Please click the Donate Now button below and follow the prompts.

If you need assistance, please call our Business Manager at (203) 624-3101.





Historic Preservation

Trinity’s building contains many historic treasures.  It was the first neo-Gothic church built in North America, one that launched thousands of buildings in the same style.  It has nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first century stained glass windows.  It is fully fitted for handicapped access. Ever-changing accessibility, safety, and security requirements require yearly updates.  Unlike many other historic facilities, Trinity invests continually to maintain the interior and exterior of its physical plant. Its electrical system, water supply, lighting, sound system, decorative windows, interior appointments and operating spaces require ongoing upgrades and repairs. Please help preserve our well-maintained historic building by donating now.

For more information contact Trinity’s Business Manager at (203) 776-2606. To donate, click the Donate Now! button.

Giving Back

All that we have and all that we are is a gift from God. We are merely stewards of God’s gifts during our lifetime. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit we faithfully respond to these gifts (our time, passions, money, and abilities) to grow God’s Kingdom here on earth.

How do we know we are guided by the Holy Spirit? Two hallmarks of the work of the Holy Spirit are joy and gratitude. We encourage all our parishioners to be joyful in giving back to God. At Trinity, we gather to explore, discern, pray, and nurture one another in becoming joyful and grateful stewards of all that we have been given.

“Giving back” takes many forms here at Trinity. It always involves seeking greater insight into spiritual growth and should bring us closer to God. We encourage you to explore this section on ways that you can give back to Trinity and deepen your relationship with God.

Take Action

As one of the largest and most active Episcopal churches in the New Haven area, there are many opportunities for involvement at Trinity. The pastoral ministries, educational programs, liturgical services and outreach ministries each provide different ways to serve others and grow in your spiritual journey.

Why Pledge?

In the Episcopal Church, parishes are responsible for raising the funds to support the church’s annual operating budget. This is done through a variety of fund-raising activities, donations and “pledges” offered by parishioners.

While it is true that the monies pledged by parishioners of Trinity Episcopal Church are necessary to support our building and mission in the world, this is not the only reason our members offer a pledge. Our stewardship goes beyond taking care of our physical facility and paying our utility bills.

Scripture reminds us that the ideal pledge for any Christian is a tithe (10%) of your annual income. Every year, we encourage all our members to take an intentional look at the percentage of income they are actually giving, or are able to give, to the church. When pledging, the important thing is not the amount that you give, but that you prayerfully determine the amount you can give to God and that you are able to follow through with your gift

You can become a pledging member of Trinity at any time by simply filling out a pledge card and returning it in the offertory plate on Sunday or mailing it to the Parish office

“Pledging feels like being part of a continuous circle. I am aware that generations of people have taken care of this beautiful, historic building and its missions and financial well-being. When I pledge, I am doing my part in continuing this legacy and doing my part in taking care of Trinity for the generations who will come after us.” – Parishioner testimonial

Planned Giving

It is very common for parishioners to include the Church in their estate planning. Those of us who will support the Church financially at the time of our own death undertake planned giving as a spiritual discipline. Our intent is to provide for those persons who will follow in the Christian tradition after us.

If you have questions about including Trinity in your Last Will and Testament, please contact one of the clergy or one of the wardens through the Parish Office.

Making Your Contribution

Credit Card Authorization Form

To set up a monthly automatic credit or debit card payment, download and fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form and return it to Sherrill Farkas at the Parish Office at 950 Chapel Street, Fl. 2, New Haven, CT 06510.

You may also want to consider setting up a regular online payment with your bank’s online banking (best for Trinity because there are no fees.)

For information or questions, please email Sherrill Farkas, Parish Administrator, or call her at (203) 776-2606.

Online Pledge Card

Here is a fillable form you may use to make your pledge.

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Trinity was founded as a parish in 1723.  Its first wooden church was built in 1752–53. The second Gothic stone church, built in 1814–1816—with its carefully maintained and inspiring Gothic revival exterior and interior—is a landmark structure on the New Haven Green at the corner of Temple and Chapel Streets.

Trinity offers compelling preaching, diverse worship styles, and absorbing programs for adults, teens, and younger children.

Trinity’s multiple opportunities for fellowship and outreach are typified by its Chapel on The Green, a weekly Sunday afternoon outdoor service of worship, food and fellowship, open year-round to all and conducted in collaboration with other New Haven area churches.

The church’s strong music program is centered in its choirs: the Choir of Men and Boys, founded 1885 and one of only two such choirs in Connecticut; the Choir of Men and Girls, founded in 2003; and the Trinity Parish Choir, a mixed adult choir that sings a variety of sacred choral pieces.


LIfe at Trinity

As we pray, sing, serve others and learn together, we discover more about who God is in our lives. We realize our lives are intertwined with one another and that God is calling us to do something for the world in which we live.

Currently, hundreds of people pass through Trinity’s doors during an average week. We are usually bustling with activities; whether it is one of our three choirs practicing, committees meeting, or a social event, there is always something going on at Trinity.

We invite you to be part of our life together. At Trinity, there are many opportunities for involving yourself, for serving others and for growing in your spiritual journey.

Trinity people take adult and youth mission trips all over the country and beyond its borders. Locally, Trinity people help many important organizations carry out their missions: preparing meals for Columbus House, building homes for Habitat for Humanity, and finding numerous other opportunities to serve God in the world.

Trinity offers many educational activities and programs for children and adults. Each winter and spring, we offer different spirituality programs. On most Sundays, we offer exciting Sunday School classes for children and engaging forum topics for adults. We have two active and vibrant groups for school-aged youth.

As the largest Episcopal church in New Haven, we are fortunate to have many active programs and opportunities to see God at work in the world.