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Val Sigsted Forum October 23

DO YOU KNOW which of Trinity’s amazing collection of stained-glass windows is the newest?  If you answered, “the one in our Upper Room,” you’re right!  For the past fourteen years it has been backlighted so that its beauty can be seen from the New Haven Green.

On Sunday, October 23rd, the creator of that window will return to Trinity to address the Forum between the 9:00 and 11:00 services.  Val Sigstedt is making a special trip to Trinity Church to talk about some of the ideas and challenges that went into that project.  We will gather in the Upper Room, and not the Undercroft, to hear his thoughts and reflections.  All are urged to attend this special event to meet the artist who gave Trinity one of its most visible works of art.

Val Sigstedt, will return to Trinity to speak to the Forum about his recollections of designing our most recent window.  Intended as Trinity’s gift to the people of New Haven, this window cannot be seen from within the nave of the church.  Instead, it is backlighted to shine outwards onto the New Haven Green.  Mr. Sigstedt, now in his late ‘80s, considers Trinity’s window one of the highpoints in his long career.

The Gothic Church Exhibition

At Trinity, one of the optional 20 minute sessions at Parish Sunday on October 16, 2016 will be a tour of a small exhibit called “The Gothic Church,” One Small Print with Large Impact”. The numerous 19thc editions for this print formed a steady backdrop to Trinity’s expanding influence in the New Haven community, the new nation and even Great Britain.  The tour discussion will be lead by Peg Chambers, the exhibit’s organizer and Chair of Trinity’s History Ministry.

The 200th anniversary of the consecration of our Gothic church building is coming to a close.  This exhibit, which will be installed in the Undercroft for a month beginning on October 16, will leave us with a better sense of the importance of our parish’s role in the adoption of the concept of the separation of church and state and the significance of our architect, Ithiel Town, while also showing the importance of the use of artistic composition in printmaking to the dissemination of au courant ideas and ideals through the 19thc.

Image: W.H. Bartlett, The Gothic Church (New Haven), engraved by T. Turnbull originally published by George Virtue, London, 1839

A Video of The Gothic Chuch EXhibition, made by Peg Chambers in October of 2015


Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee organizes the annual Pledge Drive, which asks parishioners to commit support of their time, talent, and finances for the work of Trinity.

Members of Trinity Stewardship Committee in 2015-2016: (foreground) Mary Ellen Savage and David Jenkins, co-chairs. (at the rear) Ellen Freiler, David Assis, Glen Segger, Don Knapp, and Charles Kaywood

Your donation will make a difference. For more information please contact us: Trinity Treasurer David Soper or the Stewardship team co-chairs: Mary Ellen Savage & David Jenkins.

Click here for more on stewardship, giving and contributions.

Trinity Greens

Trinity Greens was established in November 2008. Our intention is to help Trinity Church (both building and people) become more environmentally friendly by reducing our carbon footprint through reduction of waste and energy use. It is our obligation as Christians to be more responsible stewards of the environment.

Trinity’s Approach to the Subject of Environmental Responsibility includes the areas of:

  • Recycling
  • Solar Panels
  • Lighting
  • Roof Insulation

Contact People

Rich WalserDavid Lindsay

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Trinity Home

Trinity Home – a 150-year-old endowment for eldercare


“The Trinity Home Board was created for the purpose of aiding the elderly, needy and others whom the Board considers entitled to its benefits…”

To carry out this statement of purpose originally defined to support Trinity Home for the elderly over 150 years ago, today’s Trinity Home Board manages an endowment whose interest it dispenses through the year.

Participate - Trinity Home George StreetThe Trinity Church Home Board grew out of the Trinity Church Home Association, incorporated by the Connecticut General Assembly in 1862; it was “created for the purpose of establishing and maintaining in the city of New Haven, refuge for the poor and friendless members of Trinity Parish, and such others as the board of managers may think entitled m its benefits.”  The first home was the building on the left in the image above. It was part of “The George Street Complex” built by the noted architect Henry Austin.  Above is a phonograph of the Trinity Home at 84 Norton Street, where in the days before social security elderly members of the parish could find a refuge in their old age.  It was the sale of this house in 1975 and other donations funded the Trinity  Home Board endowment.


The Home Board picks up the weekly Conference Call expenses that allows shut-ins to hear Sunday services, supports the salaries of parish workers who devote time to the elderly, and budgets discretionary funds to be used for parishioners with special needs. In addition, funds are used for various senior programs throughout the year

The Home Board also supports physical improvements to make the church more accommodating to seniors.  Projects funded recently by the Home Board include the handicap access elevator, an advanced PA system, extra handrails for the staircases, and headsets that allow hearing impaired parishioners to hear the services.

Program events for seniors include senior lunches twice a year, all-day outings to sites of interest, lectures on topics of interest to seniors, and a special Christmas tea held at Whitney Center.


The Trinity Home board also supports grants to local community organizations. The grant application form is found here: hb-grant-app. The deadline for 2017 is November 15. For more on the grant application process contact the current chairman of the home board, Glen Seger.

NOTE: All forms should be mailed to:

Trinity Parish Office
c/o Chair of Grants Committee
950 Chapel Street, 2nd Floor
New Haven, CT 06510-2515


Garden ministry and front steps

The garden ministry at Trinity began as an attempt to brighten up the Green with something green – 8 clay pots were put on the front steps by Deborah Johnson in 2008.  Amazingly, none have been stolen in all the years.  Pots were placed on the side doors as well.  And in 2012 the ministry was extended by a Mother’s Day Weekend flower sale, held an the front apron of Trinity right on the Green.

Participate -Notice of mother's day plant saleFor more information, contact Deborah Johnson <>

Properties Committee

The Properties Committee plans, oversees, and sometimes performs tasks associated with maintenance, repair, and renovation of our beautiful building.  Hands-on care for our historic building depends on a large team of men and women volunteers. Together with our sextons, who manage and maintain the church building, the Trinity properties team performs routine upkeep, maintenance and repair tasks. The combined efforts of many enable Trinity to avoid or minimize the cost of outside services and keep the building fresh and sound—appealing to parishioners and visitors alike.

It helps if you’re handy, but the varied tasks allow you to join in regardless of your experience or skill level. The team’s effort is scheduled periodically, almost always during your leisure time away from work. Come enjoy a few hours engaged in the company of other cheerful volunteers performing meaningful work.

If you wish to help, contact Duo Dickinson.



Trinity was founded as a parish in 1723.  Its first wooden church was built in 1752–53. The second Gothic stone church, built in 1814–1816—with its carefully maintained and inspiring Gothic revival exterior and interior—is a landmark structure on the New Haven Green at the corner of Temple and Chapel Streets.

Trinity offers compelling preaching, diverse worship styles, and absorbing programs for adults, teens, and younger children.

Trinity’s multiple opportunities for fellowship and outreach are typified by its Chapel on The Green, a weekly Sunday afternoon outdoor service of worship, food and fellowship, open year-round to all and conducted in collaboration with other New Haven area churches.

The church’s strong music program is centered in its choirs: the Choir of Men and Boys, founded 1885 and one of only two such choirs in Connecticut; the Choir of Men and Girls, founded in 2003; and the Trinity Parish Choir, a mixed adult choir that sings a variety of sacred choral pieces.


LIfe at Trinity

As we pray, sing, serve others and learn together, we discover more about who God is in our lives. We realize our lives are intertwined with one another and that God is calling us to do something for the world in which we live.

Currently, hundreds of people pass through Trinity’s doors during an average week. We are usually bustling with activities; whether it is one of our three choirs practicing, committees meeting, or a social event, there is always something going on at Trinity.

We invite you to be part of our life together. At Trinity, there are many opportunities for involving yourself, for serving others and for growing in your spiritual journey.

Trinity people take adult and youth mission trips all over the country and beyond its borders. Locally, Trinity people help many important organizations carry out their missions: preparing meals for Columbus House, building homes for Habitat for Humanity, and finding numerous other opportunities to serve God in the world.

Trinity offers many educational activities and programs for children and adults. Each winter and spring, we offer different spirituality programs. On most Sundays, we offer exciting Sunday School classes for children and engaging forum topics for adults. We have two active and vibrant groups for school-aged youth.

As the largest Episcopal church in New Haven, we are fortunate to have many active programs and opportunities to see God at work in the world.