Blessed Snow!

February 12, 2017

Blessed Snow! I realize the snow storm may have caused harm, may have thrown our schedules off, but there is also another side to the nor’easter. There is barely any other event that brings people into the streets these days, that binds people in our neighborhoods, or that even stimulates people to ask for help, because their snow blower ran out of gas or they need more milk for the kids. That community side of the snow is a blessing and you can tell it by looking at people’s faces: all smiles.

Rekindling this sense of connection among people might be one of the side effects of the current climate in our country. More and more people are reaching out to each other to find ways in which they can embolden each other, they can shoulder other people’s needs, or rally together, as if they are going through a snow blizzard. That community part is positive. Because, while our age of institutional decline did start a while ago, it took some time to realize that whatever institution we are taking about, state or church, presidency or media, they all rely on the corner stone of society: the people. “We The People” isn’t simply a slogan or a claim, it is also a truth on how humanity advances, is protected, and might excel.

If I may, this sense of people power is also part of our Christian movement and it has been from its early days. Fairly quickly followers of Jesus started talking about the “work of the people”, “lit-urgia”, or “liturgy”. Today “liturgy” is the churchy term for worship, but it was the Christian way of calling worship service what it is in truth: not the privilege of a holier few or a richer elite or a spirited worship band, but the service of grace finding implementation in all people and through all people. “Liturgy” isn’t simply a slogan or a claim, it is also a truth on how humanity advances into humanity, how humanity is protected and how humanity may secure the bond of dignity in God.

And if snow is helping people to connect and stimulating us to reflect on this “work of the people”, I say: blessed snow.