Blessed Mother’s Day

May 9, 2015

Mother’s Day is very special for me this year. With the arrival of our daughter Audrey I am a daily witness on how beautifully my wonderful spouse is growing as a mother. Tiffany used to be more monofocused. Now she is a multitasking hero. Singing on key was not her talent, she said. But a thousand lullabies later she has almost perfect pitch. And she used to feel forgetful about her to do list. Not anymore: she is better than my To-Do app on my phone.

But besides the tasks and skills, it is her alert presence and comforting warmth for Audrey that reveals once more how the motherly presence can be such a sign of God’s grace and love.

Granted, the powerful grace-filled motherly presence can be effective even if you don’t have children. And the past few weeks have shown again how some of the streets and people in towns of our country exactly need that power of protection, care, understanding, and genuine parental presence that fortifies our dignity. We need more Mother Theresas in our streets, not less.

On this special Mother’s Day weekend I lift up all our mothers in thanksgiving for their amazing care and love, for their bazillion hours of labor and dedication to our well-being. We pray for all who miss their mother, miss a mother, or have many mothers. For birth mothers, adoptive mothers, surrogate mothers, community mothers, mothers who lost a child, mothers who don’t hear from their child, mothers in mommy wars, mothers juggling jobs and families, …. And we pray for all mothers who in the complexity of becoming a mom and parenting bootcamp need more support or protection.

Whatever predicament of motherhood, a thank you, true and loving, for all you are and give is the right and good and joyful word to express. Thanks Mom!

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