Most candidates for Baptism are young children. Trinity’s entire congregation enjoys joining you in glorifying the birth of your child. Your newborn brings more of God’s light and God’s smile in our world and we can’t wait to celebrate the joy of new life with you.

To become a Christian we receive Holy Baptism. At the service of Baptism the candidate officially professes faith in Jesus Christ. The baptized child or adult becomes a member of the community of Christ, called the Church. And the newly baptized receives the explicit divine promise that she or he is now child of God the Father, sister or brother of Christ, and temple of God’s Holy Spirit.

Baptism for children is celebrated several times throughout the church year:
• Baptism of the Lord (second Sunday of January)
• Easter Vigil (Saturday night before Easter Sunday)
• Pentecost (Fifty days after Easter)
• The Second Sunday of August
• All Saints (The first Sunday of November)

Every baptism requires a baptism class, scheduled the day before the baptism, except on the day of Easter vigil.

Baptism is also called a ‘sacrament’. Very early in Christianity, followers of Jesus labeled certain Christian rituals as ‘sacrament’ to indicate that Christ himself defined these moments of prayer through words and gestures as special context in which He himself is the main celebrant, engaging himself towards us with his divine love and covenantal care.

For more information please contact our Rector, the Rev. Luk De Volder.