Back to School & Goodbye to Linda Sheehan

September 6, 2015

It is back to school time! The rush of the regular routine can easily make us ache for those beautiful relaxing summer days we enjoyed at some point this past summer, even if it was just some afternoon at the New Haven beach.

But we all know that the importance of education can hardly be overstated. Especially in church life going through our culture’s secular season, brainpower is important. More than ever it matters so much for our faith life that we know why we are interested in Jesus, how the Gospel is part of the core fabric of our Western culture, and how our human development is indeed well-served by (as Christians we would say: actually depends on) the presence of Christianity.

Our Episcopal Church has honored this learning tradition for a long time and we are strongly committed to continue the strengthening of each other, in having strong ideas that help shape strong identities.

This Sunday Linda Sheehan will speak to us during the 10AM service about this importance of education and how her ministry in our Sunday School has been focused on this over the past 15 years as Sunday School Director. She is now retiring and passing on the baton to her successor, Julia Johnson. One last time she will open our Sunday School year for us this Sunday. After the service, we will all gather to express our gratitude for all that Linda has brought to our church’s Sunday school.

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