Trinity Parish

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Trinity Church on the Green—an historic parish in the heart of downtown New Haven. Trinity’s 700-member greater family includes people of all ages, from all walks of life.

When you visit, you’ll find diversity: racial, ethnic, economic, geographic, many nationalities. The Trinity community includes multiple life styles—marrieds, singles, partners, gays / lesbians, every conceivable type of relationship.

Regardless of who you are, there is someone at Trinity who is just like you—and who is eager to make you feel welcome.

Our Mission Statement

God’s love calls us to proclaim with joy the Good News of Jesus Christ, to welcome all people into the community of faith, and to serve Christ through serving others.

Our Collect for Mission, read by the congregation each week

Gracious God, by your love you have called us to proclaim with joy the Good News of your Son: so build us up in the knowledge and love of him that we may welcome all people into the community of faith and show forth our service to him in our service to others.  Amen.