A Sonnet for St. Peter

April 10, 2016

This week’s Gospel text comes from John 21:1-19 where for the third time the Risen Savior appears to the disciples who have finally left the locked upper room.  They have joined Peter on the Sea of Tiberias for a day of fishing and they catch 153 fish!
Wouldn’t we all be so fortunate to have a friend or colleague like Peter?  When the going gets tough and we don’t know where to turn or who to turn to, Peter reminds us that we return to our daily routines.  We go back to the familiar because it is in the ordinary routine of life, where we too, like Peter and the disciples, will meet the Risen Lord.

A Sonnet for St. Peter
Impulsive master of misunderstanding
You comfort me with all your big mistakes;
Jumping the ship before you make the landing,
Placing the bet before you know the stakes.
I love the way you step out without knowing,
The way you sometimes speak before you think,
The way your broken faith is always growing,
The way he holds you even when you sink.
Born to a world that always tried to shame you,
Your shaky ego vulnerable to shame,
I love the way that Jesus chose to name you,
Before you knew how to deserve that name.
And in the end your Savior let you prove
That each denial is undone by love.
-Malcolm Guite