A Colorful Victory

June 26, 2015

Same-sex marriage is a right, nationwide, after today’s historical Supreme Court ruling. A victory and celebration nation-wide!

Remarkable in the ruling is not simply the recognition of equality and the extension of liberty under the constitution. The ruling explicitly reaches for a more fundamental stance when it expresses how same-gender couples justifiably claim this right, because they seek to uphold the dignity of marriage.

After a very turbulent week in our country this good news is sending a strong signal that social change in service of crucial equality is possible. This stirs up the hope that other strivers for civil rights will soon receive more support in protection of dignity and equality, regardless of color or race.

While we celebrate this victory we also remember in thanksgiving the numerous people who have fought for this equality. We give thanks in particular to the Episcopal Church, our church indeed, that took a leading role in these decades of activism in support of same-sex relationships. And now we join our gay friends, give thanks to God, and celebrate today’s Supreme Court ruling.

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