2014 Stewardship Campaign: Giving Hope

Your $1 Pledge!

For this year’s stewardship campaign we would like all of us to pledge. Please consider contributing $1 to our vibrant church ministries and programs. Because every dollar counts.

The truth is that we all comfortably spend small dollar amounts in many areas of our lives: Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, occasional gifts, iPod songs, McDonald’s, Burger King, etc…  A $1 commitment makes it easy to join our stewardship and it helps our church tremendously. You can decide to pledge $1 a year, $1 a week, or $1 a day. The stewardship tradition of pledging and planned giving may give the impression that only large amounts are “worthy” to be considered as pledge or donation. But our church budget needs every type of donation, be it large, or small, that’s all OK.

With your $1 pledge (annually, weekly, daily) you are actively helping to build our mission and to secure our ministries and programs. With your contribution you are giving hope. Thank you very much for your contribution or pledge this year.

(For more information please check FAQ on Trinity Stewardship)