130 Years of Trinity Choirs (1885-2015)

May 31, 2015

On Trinity Sunday at Trinity Church we give special thanks to God for all gifts we may celebrate in our lives and in our community. One of those shining gifts at Trinity is undoubtedly our excellent music program. This year we celebrate the 130th anniversary of the choir tradition at our parish.

Since 1885 Trinity Church has dedicated vision and resources to the valued tradition of choral music. From the beginning it included deliberate focus on children, youth, and leadership development. In those 130 years, numerous music directors, choristers, organists, families, alumni/ae, and friends of our music program have been part of our Trinity Choirs. Our music program also evolved with a wide variety of sacred music.

It is therefore very fitting and such a blessing that in this anniversary year, we can celebrate our music program with renewed dedication and refreshed sense of investment to ensure its future. The church staff, music committee, and numerous supporters of our music program at Trinity and beyond have not spared time nor effort to do exactly that. The fruits are here: we are blessed with extra (and much needed) donations, with the start of a Trinity Music Endowment, and with a Music for Music Concert Series. The inaugural concert of Livingston Taylor is tomorrow. Tomorrow’s concert itself is such an amazing accomplishment that expresses exactly this love and care for our choirs, its children, youth, volunteers, and staff members.

During this year’s choir recognition Sundays (May 31, June 7, and June 14) we will especially honor not only the amazing leadership and wide spread support that is  currently bolstering our music program, but also the many people who have been building our renowned music tradition of excellence and exceptional ministry value over the course of these thirteen decades. On this Trinity Sunday we rightfully give thanks to God and honor with cordial gratitude all people who made and make our choral ministry so successful.

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Trinity Choirs
Founded in 1885, Trinity’s Choir of Men and Boys is one of the oldest in the United States. The Choir of Men and Girls, founded in 2003, has also attained critical acclaim. Both have performed with cathedral choirs all over the British Isles, at Woolsey Hall, the National Cathedral in Washington, DC., and many venues in Connecticut, Boston, and New York City. Walden Moore, Trinity’s Director of Music since 1984, auditions and leads each choir whose members join as early as third grade. Mr. Moore is nationally known in sacred music, and conducts music workshops across the nation.  He is also on the faculty of Yale’s Institute of Sacred Music.